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Tree Harvesting Services and Tree Buying in Indiana

Forest Forever, LLC harvests trees across the state of Indiana. First, we will survey your property to allow us to develop a schedule, estimate, and procedure that will meet the goals you have for our tree harvesting services.** Indiana has several types of timber and we discern the marketable value of each type on the land to be cleared. Forest Forever, LLC has all the tools needed, from chainsaws to machines and will use what is best for the specific job.

Our logging crews are trained and experienced, and use modern equipment that is gentle on the environment. Indiana tree harvesting services combine selective logging (strategically removing only some trees) and even-aged management (removing most trees) in the most appropriate manner for the area. The environment condition, age, tree species, "buffering" methods to protect the habitat and water, and finding the shortest routes to the main road are all taken into consideration by Forest Forever, LLC's team with each client.

Indiana wildlife forest

Indiana Tree Harvesting/Buying

Forest Forever, LLC always aims to protect wildlife habitats and the water supply, sometimes through tree harvesting.

After the removal is complete, a skidder transports the logs to the designated log yard. The angle of the drag is changed repeatedly to minimize destruction of the land not included in the harvesting. Erosion needs to be prevented, which is where water bars come in to divert the soil.

Forest Forever, LLC's tree harvesting services in Indiana serve many purposes. If recreation space is needed for camping, hunting, or hiking, this can be a suitable solution. Protecting homes with a defensible space of thirty feet is effective in the case of a forest fire. Habitat diversity can be increased through tree harvesting, having a positive impact on the environment while adding to the natural beauty of the area. Forest Forever, LLC always aims to protect wildlife habitats and the water supply, sometimes through tree harvesting.

Indiana tree harvesting services by Forest Forever, LLC’s goal is offering you competitive profit for logging materials, while protecting the environment, and opening up the space you need. We do this by identifying the most valuable trees on you acreage, and buying that timber at a fair price. Walnut, Oak, Maple, and Cherry are the preferred types of veneer/hardwood trees for purchase. Our long term relationships with logging markets and commitment to professional results, have given us a solid reputation and growing business.

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