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Forest Management Services throughout the midwest

Forest Forever, LLC is dedicated to providing you comprehensive forest management services to help you achieve all of your needs. OOur experienced team can answer all of your questions regarding any of our services. We look forward to talking to you about your specific questions and needs. Please call us at 765-635-1790.

Free Estimates

The services at Forest Forever, LLC are available for those in the midwest, which includes the following states: Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Give us a call today and let us know your location! We will give you a free estimate for your forest management needs.

Timber Harvesting

Whether you are a landowner who has 20 acres or 500 acres, we can tailor a plan for harvesting your timber that is right for you. With our experience and dedication towards sustainable timber harvesting, our goal is to provide you a landowner with superior service.

Log Sales

We sell our logs in a wide selection of grades and specifications. Whether you are looking for high grade veneer logs, or low grade saw logs, we will handle your requests. We will either buy your trees, or get you top money for your trees. Walnut, Oak, Maple and Cherry are the preferred types of veneer/hardwood trees for purchase.


Woodscaping is a mix of traditional forest management, and landscaping techniques. When combined, woodscaping culminates in a backyard landscape that promotes recreation, wildlife habitat, and natural beauty. These principals apply on a 1/10 acre, or 100 acre tract of land. Woodscaping is landscaping that works with nature, not against it.

Out-of-State Services

If you live outside of Indiana, and have a serious interest in our services, please give us a call! We offer FREE ESTIMATES, and will travel out of state!

*We DO NOT purchase yard or pine trees.

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