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Tree Harvesting in Illinois by Forest Forever, LLC

Forest Forever, LLC provides a variety of tree harvesting services in Illinois. We are equipped to handle the maintenance of the state’s tree species, which include the Slippery Elm, Chestnut Oak, Shagbark Hickory, and countless others. Forest Forever, LLC begins the tree harvesting process with a survey of the property area, which helps us determine a plan for our services that meets the goals of the client and suits the area. We are knowledgeable about the marketability of different types of timber and can determine the most profitable types. Walnut, Oak, Maple and Cherry are the preferred types of veneer/hardwood trees for purchase.

From handheld chainsaws to large harvesting machines, our foresters adapt the equipment used for each job. Sensitivity to environmental needs is important and Forest Forever, LLC always keeps that in mind. After the tree removal part of our forest management is finished, we use a skidder to transport timber to a designated log yard. To avoid disruption of the land not involved in the tree harvesting as much as possible, it’s important to change the drag angle often when hauling.

Illinois Forest with ship rock

Illinois Tree Harvesting

Forest Forever, LLC can harvest trees in the area to open up space for these activities in a way that is safe for the environment.

Even-aged management removes most of the trees in the area while selective logging removes a smaller number of trees—these methods are used as appropriate by our professional foresters. Water bars, which are installed on steep angles, divert dirt and prevent erosion. There are many factors Forest Forever, LLC takes into consideration before and during our tree harvesting services in Illinois. These include the tree’s age and species, the shortest path to the main road and preserving the environment and water resources.

Illinois tree harvesting services by Forest Forever, LLC offer many benefits and serves several purposes. Creating a defensible area of thirty feet around a home by clearing trees will protect it from forest fires. Habitat diversity, sometimes accomplished through tree harvesting, adds to the health of the woods and the aesthetic beauty they provide. The water supply and wildlife habitat can be protected through tree harvesting by removing invasive species, amongst other services. Hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking are important to Illinois’ culture; Forest Forever, LLC can harvest trees in the area to open up space for these activities in a way that is safe for the environment.

Forest Forever, LLC’s goals include offering you competitive profits for timber and fair prices for our services. We also strive to exceed your expectations when it comes to the goals you have for your tree harvesting acreage. Our reputation for tree harvesting services in Illinois is one of the best, due to our commitment to professional results and the long-term relationships we have with timber markets. Call us today for a fair price on your timber sales.

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