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Timber Sales and Forest Management in Angola, IN

Have you once sold your standing timber to an independent logger only to find out you have come out on the short end of the deal? We are Forest Forever, LLC, a company developed to handle all aspects of your complete forest management needs. Walnut, oak, maple, and cherry are the preferred types of veneer/hardwood trees that we purchase.

The first thing we like to do at Forest Forever, LLC is to provide consultation and see what you expect from your forest management, timber sales, and recreation uses. We will then cruise your timber and take inventory on marketable, as well as future marketable, trees. We mark each mature tree that fits the highest markets, and inventory the rest of your trees to keep on file for future sales when the markets are at their highest. A poorly timed and executed timber harvest can cost you a significant financial loss.

The second process to consider is the harvesting of your timber. First and foremost, deciding where to fall your selected trees to keep the least amount of damage to other trees is essential. Then, determining the best routes for skid paths out of the woods to the log landing. If at all possible, we like to use horses to skid your logs for less damage and ground packing. When this option is not available, modern log skidders can be used. We like to pick a log landing that is as flat and close to the road as possible. This makes it easier for log sales and log loading for export.

The next step in the process involves cutting your trees into log length, and preparing them for sale. We will separate your logs into different grades: veneer, lumber, and pallet. Once we have separated the logs, we then contact buyers from local to worldwide markets. Each grade usually requires a different buyer to gain the most value from your logs. Each individual log will be tagged and tallied, so you will know exactly the board footage, dollar value, and where it's going.

Your timber is an investment and a business; the more you know, the more you benefit financially at the present time and in the future. We make this work for you by saving your money as well as making it. We eliminate the middlemen, offer precise management, and lower hauling bills.

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